Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)

Are you ready to make the move to 10.6 aka "Snow Leopard"?

There are plenty of concerns and caveats and we can make the migration as smooth as possible for you. Does your Mac meet the requirements (needs to be an Intel-based model), should you upgrade your RAM or even replace your Hard Drive (we can backup your data and migrate it to a brand new drive), do you need to upgrade any of your software? Give us a call!


New Massachusetts Legislation - MA 201 CMR 17.00 and WISP

Are you aware of and prepared for MA 201 CMR 17.00? This new law goes into effect on March 1st of this year, and if you have employees or handle financial transactions, you need to comply.

MA 201 CMR 17.00 covers quite a bit of ground, and there's some room for variation in how your security can be set up depending on the nature of your business. The full nature of how you comply - that is, necessary steps, procedures, policies and practice - should be based on the profile and size of your company, as well as the extent to which you store and/or process financial information about Massachusetts residents.

The Core Solution Group can help you be prepared for the arrival of this new law. The services we're offering to help you come up to speed are as follows:

1. Initial briefing about the new legislation and a preview of how it may apply to your company, including:
- An explanation of the stated provisions vs. allowances based on company size and resources.
- Gathering initial data about information - that falls under the new law - that you handle.
- How private information is stored (physically and/or electronically), and how it's transmitted to other parties.

2. In-depth consultation on the extent to which the law applies to you, including predicted changes, modifications and additions to existing data-security practices (including physical, hardware and software assets).

3. Drafting the state-required WISP (Written Information Security Program) for your company, and revising it with you on your behalf, in collaboration with you or your appointed security person(nel).

4. Planning, guidance and training for implementing the WISP; training your (required) employee security officer, as well as assisting in the planning and implementation of training by said security officer for existing and future employees of your company.

5. Conducting a periodic appraisal and re-assessment of your company's WISP - the written program and review of compliance with the new law.

Please be certain to discuss the ramifications of this legislation with your attorney. When you're ready to engage our services in creating and implementing your WISP, give us a call.